It’s Time To Party!

December 23, 2008

I haven’t written much lately so i figured I’d throw another one in the ring. Before I start i’d like to wish everyone who is reading this a happy holidays. regardless of faith and all that stuff. Have fun and stay safe.

As I write this i’m sitting at my father’s law office waiting for my car to be fixed. incase you haven’t heard. while I was at work a few weeks ago, someone backed into my car and drove off. leaving no note. My front grill was broken clean in two and I was unable to open my hood. This is a problem.  I finally found the time to get it fixed, which also provided me to the time to write this, so cheers.

This brings me to the point, how inconsiderate does one have to be to not leave a note, even a simple “I’m sorry”on my fogged windows would have made me feel slightly better. Someone told me “20 years ago, it would have been unthinkable to leave without writing a note.” I find this hard to believe but quite optimistic. Someone else told me “well maybe they needed their insurance money to feed their children or something and thats why they didn’t leave a note” I’d like to believe that, though I doubt its the case. but thinking optimisticly: hopefully someone had a good reason for what they did.

The Speakeasies are progressing at a good pace, expect a 6 to 7 song demo – EP by the end of january, followed by some shows. either way it’ll be posi.

I’ve been reading Richard Dawkin’s “The God Delusion” It’s very interesting. he purposes scientific arguements through logic, reason and his background in biology that the biblical god does not exist. and there is a extremely large probibility that any god at all does not exist. either way its been an interesting conversation starter and has reveiled the ignorance of man to me.

Winter is always fun, though driving sucks and it’s too cold to skateboard. but hot coffee with cute girls is always a plus. peace out dear readers

oh yo, PS. My old drummer’s new band is playing with Andrew W.K at croc rock, I say go, it’ll be a party.


Past & Future Tense

November 25, 2008

Yesterday I drove to collegeville to see a show at a college in the town (go figure). Beyond the fact that I took the turnpike to the show – due to the advice of googlemaps – and later discovered that I could have taken Route 29 and saved 20 mines and a dollar fifty on tolls, the show was pretty good. Mischief Brew played a sorta short set, but I can see why. There was only around 25 people at this show. They sounded pretty tight, except the vocals through the PA were very bassy and so not loud enough. The atmosphere of the show was not as good. Maybe i’m getting to the point where I’m too cynical about stuff these days. but the place reeked of arrogance and immaturity, I’m going to stop going to these kind of shows all together. I don’t care about seeing these kinds of bands if I have to deal with kids who spend hundreds of dollars to look homeless and 20 somethings who still think they have to prove they’re punk rock enough. Its not a big loss to me honestly, I can always go see a Lifetime, Latterman rip off band and feel perfectly at home.

C.P is planning a summer tour with Til August, The 1up Kids and The Speakeasies. 2 weeks going up and down the east coast. Stopping for a bit in maine. Currently the Speakeasies are on track to have a 6 song Demo out before our first show in december. The 1up kids are on hiatus right now because of drummer problems. I plan to keep a diary during the tour and turn it into something.

An Introspective Look

November 15, 2008

Most of my blogs on “Can I Scream?” have been my observations about others.

I’m not doing as well in school as I would like. I feel like I’m not living up to how I should be doing. I know I can do better. and I’ve even begun studying but often times I feel i’ve been beaten before I even start. No matter how hard I study I can never seem to get good grades on AP History. Sigh, and history always came so easily to me! I don’t understand what the matter is, I should be acing these test. Oh well, I’ll give it another go. Maybe the 10th time is the charm?

I feel like I can’t give up, because everything I want is so close, I just have to continue trying because in the end. That’s all I can really do.

I’ve recently started a few projects that I hope will be good outlets for my creativity. I’ve begun playing in bands again. The Speakeasies & The 1UP Kids are their names. I’ve started writing on “Can I Scream” again and I even have plans to start a Zine with some friends from allentown.

I’ve also started keeping a diary of which I keep things that don’t end up here. Things of a more personal nature. I feel that may be healthy as well.


November 3, 2008

I’ve always found myself jaded and pessimistic, I dont think I’ve ever been this excited before. Just the thought of what the future holds for me leaves me anxious and out of breath. I can only open my eyes and look to better days. The things I care about and the issues that matter to me are now at the forefront of the nightly news. These kinds of things are becoming hard to ignore.

We stand on a bridge about to cross into a time where fear no longer rules. we stand ready to forgive yesterday’s mistakes and fight for today. One can only hope that these dreams and feelings I have can finally manifest themselves into action, like synaptic responsese from your brain to your muscles.

To state the fact: I am scared and it is beautiful. Scare that we may finally win. Scared because i’m not acustomend to not being on the losing end.

But for the first time in a long time I have hope. Hope that things will improve, that this country will be great again. that the land I love is taking a big step towards peace and happiness.


October 20, 2008

With the death of anything there is the birth of everything new. New ideas and experiences and new memories. Our old memories are like faded photographs we hang on our shelves to remind us of the times we always shared and our new memories are moving pictures without sound we replay when we close our eyes. The break of dawn is when we tuck ourselves in. our lullibies are the laughter of the jokes we create. we break it down and we build it again, we examine ourselves under the microscopes of others. we walk in their shoes and we walk for miles.

The love we share for friends is a bond stronger than we can ever understand. Soft like silk and strong like steel, we live for the moments where we are in love with the night and the people that fill it. We have self doubt and insecurities. who doesn’t? but we have hope and we have courage. we have life, liberty and we pursue happiness at every turn.

On the menu today: Scraped elbows and skinned knees, and I bleed the same blood we all do, crimson red. down my skin, like my own scarlet letter that exclaims “we are all the same, but we are all different.” We turn the key into the ignition and as the engine turns over I say to no one in particular “Long car rides and short trips down the street lead to adventures that end only when we want them to.”

Friendships are adventures that end only when we want them to.

A list of things I’ve learned in the last few weeks.

September 26, 2008

1. When the sign says 25 Miles per hour. They’re not joking.

2. Good people will always there to help you pay your speeding tickets.

3. If you’re having a moment, someone will always be there to tell you its cliche

4. Dishes go in the dishwasher, and don’t you ever think about leaving them in the sink. she’ll kill you.

5. I have to stop throwing my skateboard when I get angry, its starting to crack.

6. If you apply for a job everywhere, someplace is bound to call you

7. …eventually

8. Things go wrong. a lot. make the best of them.

9. Putting your foot through your sisters door will not get her to shut up. it’ll just get you grounded

10. Chuck Klosterman is deffinitly not a cocaine person.

College Essay

September 9, 2008

Topic: Creative

It was a hot august afternoon, one of the last dog days of summer. At
4th and Tilghman, myself and 40 or so other teenagers had crowded
inside a rented out warehouse to see a punk rock show. The first band,
a keyboard and drum duo from Bethlehem, had just finished their second
song and the drummer began to speak.

He said, “I know there’s a lot of music out there that is fake and
sometimes it seems like everything is just a popularity contest, but
just the fact that everyone is here supporting local music. We’ve
played here a few times and its just like home to us…”

His voice cracks.

“I’ve seen so many great bands here, and I’ve made so many friends.
Friends that I love with all my heart, and nothing beats playing music
with your friends.

his voice cracks again, he’s visably upset.

“I’m asked a lot what my favorite bands are and I can only explain it
by saying, the bands that my best friends are in, the music they craft
with love and with passion and I’m so happy to get the chance to play
with them again. I’m so glad i get the chance to tell them…”

He bursts into tears, The room explodes with applause and I feel a lump in my throat.

“I love you guys” he says as he is hugged by his friends and the applause continues.

No one in the room is clapping louder than me. Because I realized why I
was here. Why I put the 10 dollars in my gas tank this morning, Why I
donated money to the bands, why my clothes and hair were sweatsoaked in
this warehouse. Because its the passion for music that drove me here.
The passion for creating something with your heart and soul that keeps
me coming back. the courage to cry in front of a crowd of best friends
and strangers because you believe in something.

I learned that day that whatever I did in my life, I need to do it with
passion and with conviction and I need to put everything I have into
it. I need to live my life with authenticity and with courage to face
challenges head on.