Newton’s First Law of Motion Applied to Human Behavior

Newton said that an object will remain constant unless a force acts upon it. we can use this law of motion to examine human behavior and we can use it to answer the question “what makes someone change who they are.”

External forces change people. there’s no way around it.

I’ve realized a few things recently. I’ve realized certain people arn’t exactly who they used to be to me and I’m clearly not what I used to be to them. external forces have acted upon this person and changed my friend. external forces out of his or my control.

I’ve always been forgiving. and made excuses for this persons changed behavior. weather I’ve made those excuses to other people or to myself doesn’t quite matter.

these external forces have changed my friend’s priorities and his views on friendship. They’ve changed how he spends his time and his money. Things he once enjoyed he has no interest in. He’s had this rationalized many times and I believe he doesn’t see anything wrong with his behavior. External forces have changed how he sees his life.


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