Stay Posi? Yeah! Stay Posi!

Stay Posi. That’s my motto from now on. I’m gonna stay positive no matter what! gonna always look on the bright side no matter what.

I did it just the other day, Will and I rented this terrible low budget horror movie called “alien abduction” the quality was terrible, but I digress. the point is, i didn’t focus on the 4.95 and the 94 minutes i lost watching it. I focused on how funny it was, and how cheesy the lines were. Case In Point!

So you might think, how’d I reach this motto? I’ve gotten to this point by looking at the local punk rock scene. I was already weary about the scene, not liking many of the people in it, though I went to a local message board to see if i could find some members to form a band, the only responses were pretty much lame comments from assholes, but they all exhibited 3 characteristics:

  1. A high form of elitist snobbery, I.E “we’re better than you”
  2. A contagious case of xenophobia.
  3. A tendency towards snubbing others.

so I figured that the only way to combat this disease of character is to simply stay positive and not let anybody get me down, and hopefully it’ll spread to others and they’ll continue to stay positive too. and maybe those few people will learn that having friends and being nice is better than maintaining your ego.

So my message is: Stay Posi, have fun, and be nice. seriously its that easy.


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