College Essay

Topic: Creative

It was a hot august afternoon, one of the last dog days of summer. At
4th and Tilghman, myself and 40 or so other teenagers had crowded
inside a rented out warehouse to see a punk rock show. The first band,
a keyboard and drum duo from Bethlehem, had just finished their second
song and the drummer began to speak.

He said, “I know there’s a lot of music out there that is fake and
sometimes it seems like everything is just a popularity contest, but
just the fact that everyone is here supporting local music. We’ve
played here a few times and its just like home to us…”

His voice cracks.

“I’ve seen so many great bands here, and I’ve made so many friends.
Friends that I love with all my heart, and nothing beats playing music
with your friends.

his voice cracks again, he’s visably upset.

“I’m asked a lot what my favorite bands are and I can only explain it
by saying, the bands that my best friends are in, the music they craft
with love and with passion and I’m so happy to get the chance to play
with them again. I’m so glad i get the chance to tell them…”

He bursts into tears, The room explodes with applause and I feel a lump in my throat.

“I love you guys” he says as he is hugged by his friends and the applause continues.

No one in the room is clapping louder than me. Because I realized why I
was here. Why I put the 10 dollars in my gas tank this morning, Why I
donated money to the bands, why my clothes and hair were sweatsoaked in
this warehouse. Because its the passion for music that drove me here.
The passion for creating something with your heart and soul that keeps
me coming back. the courage to cry in front of a crowd of best friends
and strangers because you believe in something.

I learned that day that whatever I did in my life, I need to do it with
passion and with conviction and I need to put everything I have into
it. I need to live my life with authenticity and with courage to face
challenges head on.


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