With the death of anything there is the birth of everything new. New ideas and experiences and new memories. Our old memories are like faded photographs we hang on our shelves to remind us of the times we always shared and our new memories are moving pictures without sound we replay when we close our eyes. The break of dawn is when we tuck ourselves in. our lullibies are the laughter of the jokes we create. we break it down and we build it again, we examine ourselves under the microscopes of others. we walk in their shoes and we walk for miles.

The love we share for friends is a bond stronger than we can ever understand. Soft like silk and strong like steel, we live for the moments where we are in love with the night and the people that fill it. We have self doubt and insecurities. who doesn’t? but we have hope and we have courage. we have life, liberty and we pursue happiness at every turn.

On the menu today: Scraped elbows and skinned knees, and I bleed the same blood we all do, crimson red. down my skin, like my own scarlet letter that exclaims “we are all the same, but we are all different.” We turn the key into the ignition and as the engine turns over I say to no one in particular “Long car rides and short trips down the street lead to adventures that end only when we want them to.”

Friendships are adventures that end only when we want them to.


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