I’ve always found myself jaded and pessimistic, I dont think I’ve ever been this excited before. Just the thought of what the future holds for me leaves me anxious and out of breath. I can only open my eyes and look to better days. The things I care about and the issues that matter to me are now at the forefront of the nightly news. These kinds of things are becoming hard to ignore.

We stand on a bridge about to cross into a time where fear no longer rules. we stand ready to forgive yesterday’s mistakes and fight for today. One can only hope that these dreams and feelings I have can finally manifest themselves into action, like synaptic responsese from your brain to your muscles.

To state the fact: I am scared and it is beautiful. Scare that we may finally win. Scared because i’m not acustomend to not being on the losing end.

But for the first time in a long time I have hope. Hope that things will improve, that this country will be great again. that the land I love is taking a big step towards peace and happiness.


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