An Introspective Look

Most of my blogs on “Can I Scream?” have been my observations about others.

I’m not doing as well in school as I would like. I feel like I’m not living up to how I should be doing. I know I can do better. and I’ve even begun studying but often times I feel i’ve been beaten before I even start. No matter how hard I study I can never seem to get good grades on AP History. Sigh, and history always came so easily to me! I don’t understand what the matter is, I should be acing these test. Oh well, I’ll give it another go. Maybe the 10th time is the charm?

I feel like I can’t give up, because everything I want is so close, I just have to continue trying because in the end. That’s all I can really do.

I’ve recently started a few projects that I hope will be good outlets for my creativity. I’ve begun playing in bands again. The Speakeasies & The 1UP Kids are their names. I’ve started writing on “Can I Scream” again and I even have plans to start a Zine with some friends from allentown.

I’ve also started keeping a diary of which I keep things that don’t end up here. Things of a more personal nature. I feel that may be healthy as well.


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