Past & Future Tense

Yesterday I drove to collegeville to see a show at a college in the town (go figure). Beyond the fact that I took the turnpike to the show – due to the advice of googlemaps – and later discovered that I could have taken Route 29 and saved 20 mines and a dollar fifty on tolls, the show was pretty good. Mischief Brew played a sorta short set, but I can see why. There was only around 25 people at this show. They sounded pretty tight, except the vocals through the PA were very bassy and so not loud enough. The atmosphere of the show was not as good. Maybe i’m getting to the point where I’m too cynical about stuff these days. but the place reeked of arrogance and immaturity, I’m going to stop going to these kind of shows all together. I don’t care about seeing these kinds of bands if I have to deal with kids who spend hundreds of dollars to look homeless and 20 somethings who still think they have to prove they’re punk rock enough. Its not a big loss to me honestly, I can always go see a Lifetime, Latterman rip off band and feel perfectly at home.

C.P is planning a summer tour with Til August, The 1up Kids and The Speakeasies. 2 weeks going up and down the east coast. Stopping for a bit in maine. Currently the Speakeasies are on track to have a 6 song Demo out before our first show in december. The 1up kids are on hiatus right now because of drummer problems. I plan to keep a diary during the tour and turn it into something.


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