In Defense Of A Dead Format

September 1, 2008

I love buying records. I love sitting down and listening to it, I love getting up and flipping the record. I love the feel, the sound, I love it all. I’m not trying to tell people to throw away their iPods, far from it. I love my iPod and I use it almost every day. Infact more and more Vinyl records are coming with free digitial downloads.

So, In Defense of a dead format: Why buy Vinyl?

Buying vinyl is sort of like buying stock. You own a piece of that band. Part of its history, part of its catalog. You can physically look through a band’s stock and look at each cover art. read the liner notes and follow along with the lyrics. Sing sweet lullabies silently between you and your stereo.

More so than CDs or Mp3s. You get to hold it in your hands, admire the work put into it. the work made to create it. the weight of creation hits you alot harder when its 180 Grams and not 180 KPS.

I’ve heard it said that vinyl sounds “better.” While I’m no audiophile and I won’t pretend to know more than I do about signal routing and such. I can tell you it sounds “different” and I personally prefer the sound of vinyl over the digital sound. The low end comes in clearer and the highs arn’t cut so much from digitial compression.

Regardless of the perceived sound quality, Vinyl sales have sky rocketed in the past few months to record high levels since the invention of the Tape and CD. I myself have remembered blowing entire paychecks at Double Decker on 8th street.

Apparently, you can’t keep a dead format down.